Dr. Dr. Kristen Rivas

Associate Veterinarian, DVM

Education: Berry College

Hometown: North Georgia

Pets: Kinley, Luke, and Henry

Dr. Kristen Rivas hails from a small town in the foothills of North Georgia. Growing up, she knew at a young age she would become a veterinarian. It wasn’t until the ripe old age of 13, however, that the career choice was set in stone. Dr. Rivas’ horse needed emergency colic surgery and her father held her up to the observation window during the procedure. From that point on, every major choice was accompanied by the question, “will this help me become a veterinarian?”

Dr. Rivas attended Berry College in Rome, GA. There she studied animal science and rode for the equestrian team.Dr. Rivas was admitted early to the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2015. There she developed an interest in internal medicine and dentistry. While in school, she met her future husband, Rudy, who is also a veterinarian.

One of Dr. Rivas’ favorite aspects of veterinary medicine is the relationship that is built with the patient and client. She considers it an honor to be trusted with a family member, and does everything in her power to make sure the best medicine is delivered.

In her spare time, you can find Dr. Rivas pursuing her life long passion of Dressage. When not at the barn, Dr. Rivas enjoys spending time with her three dogs, Kinley, Luke, and Henry. She and her husband love the outdoors, and if the sun is shining, you can bet they are outside!