Fear Free


What is Fear Free?

There is an exciting, some could say revolutionary movement afoot in veterinary medicine. Fear Free puts a new, higher emphasis on addressing the importance of a pet’s emotional well being in tandem to the physical health, to provide a less stressful encounter.

Developed by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, the Fear Frees initiative aims to “take the ‘pet’ out of ‘petrified’” and get pets back for veterinary visits by promoting considerate approach and gentle control techniques used in calming environments. Utilization of Fear Free methods and protocols leads to reduction or removal of anxiety triggers, which creates an experience that is rewarding and safer for all involved, including pets, their owners, and veterinary health care teams. The end result? Calmer, more accepting patients, more compliant clients, and better veterinary care.

Fear Free veterinary visits eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress, and create an experience that is better and safer for all involved, including pets, owners, and veterinary health care teams.

Dr. Wolff is proud to be one of the first veterinarians in Wake County and surrounding areas to earn Fear Free Certification. Over the months to come, key staff members will also be earning their Fear Free Certification. From the front office to the kennels, staff will be cross-trained in the Fear Free principles with extensive hands-on training sessions and lunch and learns. We will also be working to transform one of our exam rooms to cater specifically to fearful pets. Our plan is to wholly redesign the room from the texture of the floor to the colors on the walls – we want to use aesthetics that are proven to ease canines and felines (think of your own spa experiences).

We are excited to be among the early adopters in this compassionate and effective advance in veterinary medicine. Have a question about how you can implement Fear-Free techniques in your own home? Just ask during your next trip to AMC! Our doctors and staff love sharing what we know with our clients.

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