What to Bring

To best prepare for and get the most out of your pet’s appointment make sure you bring the following:

  • Fecal Sample – We recommend fecal samples be checked once yearly on all patients. Only a small amount is needed and, of course, the fresher the better.
  • Urine Sample – We recommend urinalysis once yearly on animals over 7 or those showing signs of urinary tract disease.
  • Medications and Preventatives – Please bring a list of your pet’s medications, their doses and how often they take them. If its easier you can also bring the prescription bottles with you to the appointment for us to look through.
  • Food Label – If you have a concern about your pet’s weight or nutrition then cutting off the nutrition label from their food bag can be a great tool for us to evaluate their current diet.
  • List of Questions – We know that sometimes your pet’s problems can be overwhelming. It can be helpful to write down your pet’s issue and their history as well as questions you may have so nothing gets missed during their appointment.
  • Past History – New clients should remember to bring their pet’s complete medical and vaccine history.  If you do not have copies you can call ahead so our reception staff can reach out to your past veterinarians to obtain copies.
  • Completed New Client and New Patient forms – Head to our forms section to complete the new client and new patient paperwork prior to your appointment. This will help to speed up the intake process and optimize your appointment time.