Veterinary Specialty Hospitals

AMC of Garner may sometimes refer patients to specialty hospitals in the area. Here is a list of some of the hospitals we may advise you take your pet:

Veterinary Specialty Hospital

VSH website
6405-100 Tryon Rd.
Cary, NC 27518
919-854-1155 Fax

NC State Vet School

NC Vet School website
4700 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 513-6786
(919) 513-6500

Animal Eye Care

Dr. Robert English
Animal Eye Care website
220 High House Rd, Cary, NC 27513
Phone: (919) 319-3348

Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice

Dr. C. W. (“Bill”) Betts
VSRP website
220 High House Road, Suite 100
Cary, NC 27513