At AMC of Garner we are prepared for a wide variety of surgical procedures, from routine spays and neuters, to more complicated surgeries like abdominal exploratory surgery and foreign body removal.

Safety is our number one priority and we go to extra lengths to ensure a successful surgical outcome. Our dedicated surgical suite is outfitted with modern anesthetic monitoring equipment which continuously measures our patient’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm (EKG), blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate. In addition, pre-surgical blood work is required for all surgical patients and can often times be done in-house the morning of the procedure. This allows us to check for asymptomatic medical conditions that may negatively affect a patient under anesthesia.

All of our surgical patients receive an intravenous catheter to allow for easy venous access for medications. Anesthetized patients also receive intravenous fluids throughout the procedure to help maintain good levels of hydration and blood pressure.

Most patient’s undergoing surgery will stay with us for the day only, dropping off in the early morning and going home in the evening. However, more extensive and complicated procedures may require overnight monitoring at a 24-hour critical care facility. Still other patients will require the services of a board certified surgeon and referral to a specialty hospital. Either way, your doctors at AMC of Garner will work with to make the best plan for your pet and your family.