Pain Management

Dog paw and human hand

The doctors and staff at AMC of Garner take pain management very seriously. We believe that we have an obligation to provide our patients with a pain free experience in the hospital and recovery at home. This is not only beneficial to their health by ensuring appropriate healing but provides our patients with a much better quality of life.

Our commitment to pain control also extends to chronic painful conditions such as spinal disease and arthritis. Most pets show subtle signs of pain that can often be missed. This is especially true for our feline patients and patient’s with slowly progressive pain such as older arthritic animals. During routine examination your veterinarian will examine your pet for mild signs of pain and discuss appropriate treatment if needed.

As we learn more and more about pain control in both humans and animals it has become more clear that aggressive pain management often leads to the best long term comfort.  The longer pain is present, the harder it is to eliminate. This is because as nerves sense pain over time they become more sensitive to painful stimuli in the future. This means that for our patients pain today will be significantly easier to treat today than it will be a year from now.