Nutritional Counseling


You know the old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well there is definitely something to that.

Many conditions we treat have a nutritional component that, when corrected, can help prevent and correct the disease. AMC of Garner provides a wide variety of prescription diets that are specifically formulated to help prevent and treat certain conditions. Since these diets may have a significantly different composition than standard pet food, it is not always appropriate for healthy animals. For that same reason, there is often no over-the-counter equivalent to prescription diets.

However there are other ways that nutrition can be used to benefit our patients. Nutritional supplements can also be useful in treating diseases by slowing down their progression and lessening the need for chronic medications.

Some of the nutritional supplements AMC of Garner routinely uses are:

  • Nordic Naturals Fish Oil – a high potency fatty acid supplement used to treat osteoarthritis, allergies and heart disease
  • Dasuquin – a glucosamine supplement formulated for pets to help treat and prevent osteoarthritis
  • Enisyl-F Lysine Chews – a high potency lysine supplement that has anti-viral properties helpful for treating chronic upper respiratory tract in infections in cats caused by feline herpesvirus infection
  • Denamarin – an combination of nutraceuticals clinically proven to help detoxify the liver