Internal Medicine


When our pets get sick it can be a scary and frustrating time. Often their signs are vague and they can’t tell us where they feel bad. Luckily, your vets at AMC of Garner are fully prepared to help.

Using a full physical exam, extensive in-house laboratory testing, a full outside reference laboratory, and on site imaging such as x-ray and ultrasound, your vet can diagnose and start treatment on a myriad of conditions.

Sometimes diseases are simple and treatment can be started in the hospital immediately. Other times disease require multiple tests to reach a true diagnosis. Some of our patients are best managed in the comfort of their home with conservative treatments, others require hospitalization and intensive care and supervision, while others may benefit most from a referral to a veterinary specialist. Either way, your vet will take the time to explain to you all the testing and treatments needed and then work with you to figure out the best treatment plan for you and your pet.