Emergency Information

AMC of Garner Veterinary Hospital

For after-hour emergencies, please contact the Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH).

Telephone: 919-233-4911


Veterinary Specialty Hospital

6405-100 Tryon Rd.
Cary, NC 27511


While we are not a critical care center, AMC of Garner is prepared to handle a wide array of medical emergencies. Often times emergent conditions require on going care, in which case your pet may be triaged, stabilized and then transferred to another facility for more appropriate care and treatment.

If you believe your pet is having a medical emergency you should call the hospital at 919-779-8887 and speak to one of our employees who can help guide you forward. If there are no available appointments or the visit occurs after normal business hours an emergency visit fee will be applied. In some instances, after discussing the case with you, one of our doctor’s may recommend you proceed directly to a critical care center instead of being seen at AMC. This is done for serious conditions where time to treatment is critical or when we are not equipped to deal with a specific emergency condition.