Anesthesia and Sedation

Anesthesia and sedation is required for surgical procedures, dental procedures and some painful medical procedures. Some x-rays also require sedation to limit movement while a specific view is achieved. In depth ultrasound exams can take upwards of an hour to complete and sedation is often times used to keep the patient calm and comfortable. Sometimes sedation is also used for routine procedures such as exams and grooming for patients that are fractious or aggressive, but only as a last resort.

All patients undergoing anesthesia or sedation will receive a full exam from a veterinarian the day of the procedure. Recent pre-anesthetic lab work is also required to ensure a safe outcome for all our anesthetized patients. Your vet will then customize an anesthetic protocol specific to your pet’s age, size and medical condition.

During the procedure, modern anesthetic monitoring equipment is employed to continuously measure our patient’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm (EKG), blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate.

All anesthesia carries an inherent risk for complication but at AMC of Garner we take all necessary steps to ensure a safe outcome for our patients.